Dev Ops

DevOps is a set of practices and methodologies that define a system development lifecycle, improving or shortening it in a meaningful way. AC Tech is experienced in DevOps support and works alongside our clients to engineer your software. We do this through a complex and deeply rooted set of practices and principles, primarily consisting of the following:

  • Experienced Tech Lead – Our professional staff understands your needs and works alongside your in-house engineering team to improve efficiencies and minimize disruption to existing workflows.
  • Flexible Scaling Solutions – Size is a factor when creating a delivery roadmap. Our teams help you to define and scope your requirements in a manner that aligns with your existing resource capabilities relative to the size of the project.
  • 360-Degree Analysis – Before we begin work, we conduct a thorough and holistic analysis of the technical context within which the target software package will be developed. This ensures a faster time to market with less bumps along the way.

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